Operational safety in the mine environment

24 de April de 2023

Operational hazards, failures and errors are inherent to the activities developed in complex and dynamic environments such as the mine environment, and it is considered unlikely that there is a scenario in which it is guaranteed that accidents will not occur. However, measures are required to prevent as much as possible any occurrence and to strengthen operational safety.

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Operational Safety is the state in which risks of injury to people, damage to property, or to the environment are reduced and maintained at an acceptable level through a continuous process of hazard identification and risk management.

Its performance is influenced by the way people perform their tasks, as they adopt or not positive safety attitudes.


Precisely because there is the human factor in every type of operation, for an organization to be considered safe it is essential that it is able to continuously and systematically identify hazards and control the risks of its operational processes.

And to this end, it is necessary to have operational safety management to achieve the adoption of measures proactively, before accidents occur.


Thus, an important factor in achieving high levels of safety performance is through a strengthened safety culture in the workplace.

For, the operational safety culture represents the approximation between what is advocated (standards) and what is actually performed (values and attitudes), and for it to be strengthened it is necessary that it be measured and constantly monitored.


For this culture to be strengthened, the implementation of technology in operations brings considerable increase in safety practices, because it allows the monitoring of activities, favoring the prior identification of risks, dangers and failures in processes and operational procedures.

The use of systems that alert the worker and the monitoring center when something wrong is occurring, check the equipment components before use, favor the control of the execution of activities, facilitating the adoption of measures proactively, thus contributing directly to the management of operational safety.


To help in this difficult mission in search of proactive management, Mining Control has several features that contribute directly to the safety of operations. With it, you can more effectively control activities and monitor potential risks in real time. This real-time and constant management allows the identification of situations and risky behavior, which assists in the adoption of proactive actions, preventing accidents from occurring.

Check out some of the functionalities that act directly on operational safety below:


Operational safety is a critical aspect in mining environments. To ensure worker safety and minimize risks, you need to take proactive measures and strengthen your operational safety culture. By implementing technologies, it is possible to monitor activities and identify hazards and failures in operational processes and procedures.

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