Analyzing the main factors that influence the productivity of the transport operation

8 de August de 2023

Productivity is the operational indicator that portrays the efficiency of the mine operation in terms of the agility to transport a ton of material from its origin to its final destination. Each of the indicators that make up the cycle of transportation equipment has a weight of influence on productivity, for this reason, it is essential to know each of these indicators and the reasons that impact them, so that it is possible to improve the productivity of the equipment.

If you are interested in learning more about how to analyze the factors that impact the productivity of your transport operation, keep following the article as we will explain how to analyze each of these!


1- Carry out a macro analysis of the productivity of transport equipment:

2- Check the average load of the equipment and compare with the established average load:

Some reasons that interfere with the average load:

3- Rank the fixed times of the operation and analyze separately those that have the greatest contribution to the cycle time:

Some of the factors that interfere with the fixed times of the transport cycle:

4- Evaluate the average transport distance:

If it is not adhered to the plan, it is essential to revise the routes so that shorter average working distances can be achieved.

5- Analyze the speed of transport and map the operators and locations that showed speed below the stipulated:

Factors that interfere with average speed:

6- After these analyzes, identify which of the indicators is most discrepant with regard to the established goals and seek to create actions that promote the improvement of the indicator.

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